Accumulate Turnover Get Bonus Bet
On These SLOT Games

How to Participate:

1. Accumulated turnover during the event.
2. Calculate the total turnaround time: from 03/20 to 03/26 (GMT+8).
3. Calculate method:  Each SLOT MISSION,The turnover of each games is 50,100,150,300,600,1200,2400,4800,after complete the turnover, you will get 5,10,15, 30,60,120,240,480PHP immediately.
4. If you are met all above conditions, the money will be sent to the player’s wallet immediately after the player receives the reward.
5. Each SLOT MISSION,Each member can only receive one reward.
6.  Each SLOT MISSION,You can withdrawal when it reaches 0x,1x,3x,0x,1x,8x,10x,0x,turnover ~
7. Each SLOT MISSION ,Three games must be completed to get the reward.