Exclusive offer for the night ow !

Check your INBOX by logging into the game now!

To give back to loyal customer,
You only have to make the withdrawal on PPGaming during 2023-03-01~2023-03-15, could get the bonus we offer, the more you withdrawal, the more you would get!

Event rules
1 We will send a gift code to your game mailbox on 2023-03-18.
2 This gift code can be used by completing a specified amount of deposit (single deposit) between 2023-03-16 00:00 and 2023-03-31 23:59.
3 Each player’s gift code and benefits are different. The more withdrawals made, the higher the benefits.
4 The gift code will expire on 2023-04-01 00:00. Please complete the requirements and claim the gift within the specified time.
5 The company reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel this activity at any time without prior notice and reserves the right to interpret the activity regulation