Continue Deposit Promotion

Dear member, thank you for supporting PPGaming,
you can receive bonuses for depositing every day, and you can get a total of up to 16,500P bonus in one week!
The more deposits, the more bonuses you earn,

Deposit any amount on Monday,
get【10%】bonus up to 1000P,Need X10 Turnover

Deposit any amount on Tuesday ,
get【20%】bonus up to 1000P,Need X10 Turnover

The minimum single deposit【80P】 on Wednesday,
get【30%】 bonus up to 1000P,Need X12 Turnover

The minimum single deposit【100P】 on Thursday,
get【40%】 bonus up to 1000P,Need X15 Turnover

The minimum single deposit【150P】 on Friday,
get【50%】 bonus up to 1000P,Need X20 Turnover

The minimum single deposit【200P】 on Saturday,
get【80%】 bonus up to 1000P,Need X25 Turnover

Other casinos have some Gcash problems now but PPGaming is still can cash out, WE ARE ALL GOOD!!
You can still cash in cash out very stable and smooth, nothing to worry about it!
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Event Rules:

Event Rules:

  1. Please enter the amount at the deposit bank to participate in 【ONTINUOUS DEPOSIT Day 1 to Day 7】
  2. Every week from Monday to Sunday, a deposit bonus of 10% to 100% will be offered based on the number of days.
    You must complete it to see the deposit promotion on the next day,
    EX: Deposit any amount to the deposit bank on Monday to participate in the 10% promotion, and then you can participate in the 20% deposit promotion on Tuesday.
    If you have not completed in order【CONTINUOUS DEPOSIT DAY 1】, you will not see the deposit promotion in the next stage【CONTINUOUS DEPOSIT DAY 2】
  3. Continuous recharge Day 1 to Day 7, This activity requires a minimum daily deposit amount and a maximum limit of 5000P. Any amount over 1000P will be counted as 1000P, and must complete the corresponding designated turnover (deposit amount + deposit bonus) X [designated turnover ratio that must be completed on the day],withdrawal is available upon completion.
  4. This promotion will be reset every Monday
  5. All the promotions follow the promotion rules on the official website.