PPGAMING Special Diamond Rankings


During the event period, continuously accumulating diamonds will give you the chance to receive high rewards.”

The total bonus【20000P】

1st【10000P】 2st【5000P】 3st【5000P】

In addition, we will set up time limited Turnover games mission at the following two daily intervals during the event period.

Completing one time can earn you diamonds 【11000】, with a daily maximum diamond earning of 【22000】.


Notice: The minimum exchange rate in the diamond store is 88000 diamonds : 10P.【0Turnover】

You only have to keep playing on PPGAMING
everyone have the chance to win the big prize, all the good things are in PPGAMING.

During this period, we would offer the irregular bonus in the telegram group and official Facebook.
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Event Rules:

  1. The prize distribution will be based on the diamond rankings at the end of the event.
  2. Members can receive diamond rewards twice a day by completing two time slots of missions.
  3. Regarding the bonus for the top 3 ranks in the diamond rankings, please claim your prize on Live Chat before April 7th, 2023. We would release the prize list on the game announcement(the qualification period is only one week).
  4. Diamond ranking champions, please ensure that your GCASH account is eligible to receive the rewards. If your GCASH account is not eligible, please contact Live Chat to update to a new account.
  5. All the promotions follow the promotion rules on the official website.