PPGAMING X GTF special promotion

PPGAMING X GTF special promotion
Date:2023/03/06 00:00AM~2023/03/19 23:59:59PM

We are launching the “GTF” Game Hall Exclusive with a 30% bonus cashback. When you make a deposit to play “GTF” SLOT GAME, you can receive up to 30% bonus reward with no limit on the amount. This gives you more opportunities to win big prizes, and also increases your chances of ranking higher on the leaderboard during the promotional period.


  1. To participate in this promotion, you can only redeem the coins from your deposit bank to play “GTF” SLOT GAME.
  2. Transferring in “50P-50000P” can receive a 30% bonus with a 10X turnover requirement. For example, if you deposit 100P, the bonus will be 1000.3=30 (100P+30P=130P10X=1300Turnover).
  3. You must complete the required turnover before clicking “SETTLE” again, and choose whether to deposit the coins back to your deposit bank or participate in other promotions.
  4. When your coin balance is depleted and falls below “5P”, you can re-enter the deposit bank to choose other promotions.
  5. Each member can only participate once a day.
  6. All promotions follow the rules on the official website.